Daybreak at Emerald Valley - Painting Art by Thomas Kinkade Studios
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Daybreak at Emerald Valley

Daybreak at Emerald Valley - Thomas Kinkade Studios
Daybreak at Emerald Valley

Thomas Kinkade’s family heralds from Ireland, and he had a life-long attachment to the Emerald Isle. In Daybreak at Emerald Valley, Thomas Kinkade Studios created an homage to the two masterworks that Thom painted as a tribute to Ireland - Emerald Isle Cottage and Emerald Valley. In Ireland, it seems that stormy rain clouds are forever passing by or roaring in. The morning sunshine breaks through these clouds illuminating the verdant green valley that suggests the bounty of unspoiled nature. The gentle breeze ruffles the leaves in the trees and the wildflowers growing in the field by the quaint cottages. Rocks that have been ripped from the earth to build the fence reference Ireland’s rustic heritage. Daybreak at Emerald Valley celebrates the rich beauty of Ireland, transporting the viewer to its magical countryside.  

Key Points

  • Daybreak at Emerald Valley was inspired by a beautiful concept sketch by Thomas Kinkade. Thom drew his vision for the follow-up painting to his classic masterwork Emerald Isle Cottage, and the Thomas Kinkade Studios brought it to life in Daybreak at Emerald Valley. Thom’s love for Ireland was apparent in his art, as he also painted this stunning countryside in the sold out Limited Edition artwork – Blossom Bridge.
  • The heavenly light radiating from the sky and the lush green landscape are hallmarks of Thom’s vision of Ireland.
  • Notice the flock of sheep grazing in the foreground, some kicking their feet up in delight.
  • Other wildlife in this painting include the rooster on the fence post, hens in the grass, and geese by the water.
  • The second cottage in Daybreak at Emerald Valley is the “artist’s cottage”, a studio much like Thomas Kinkade’s own, where we imagine a painter working, inspired by the surrounding beauty.
  • A signature Thomas Kinkade Studios lightpost shines brightly on the front lawn, welcoming visitors.
  • A boat sits across the way, moored to a dock, ready for a wonderful adventure.